(Re)Make your future

Where would you aim if you knew you were sure to get there?

What ensures the work you put in to make the future a better place for your customers, your teams, your organisation and in pursuit of your own goals pay off?

When all is said and done, it comes down to having the right tools, mindsets and abilities, and the skills apply them, especially in changing and challenging times.

Meta Management helps leaders and teams from small businesses through to large enterprises to live their intentions and meet their goals through the skills, alignment and capabilities of their workforce.

Our clients say...

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At the beginning of 2020 my workplace implemented ‘The Ten Seats’ – a combination of one-on-one and group coaching – engaging Meta Management to assist with implementation of our organisational strategic plan. This was an opportunity to work towards some key goals and also develop our own skills. I was not prepared for just how

Marejka Knigge
Special Projects Manager, Encompass Community Services

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing delivery of your workshop. Of all the workshops I have been to, this was the most interesting and engaging. Thank you for your advice and time I appreciate it.

Next Steps Work & Learning Centre​

With a growing business comes a growing team and Meta Management have been able to support Elk guiding us through our busy period. They were sensitive to the existing culture of Elk and focused on strengthening the business, team environment and defining our future direction.

Marnie Goding
Co-founder & Creative Director, Elk Accessories
Telstra Medium Business Winner 2017​
We wanted to thank Meta Management for working with us to establish key foundations that assisted us to reach this point of success in our journey. The key learnings, disciplines and advice you provided have been invaluable to us as a business. The thinking we explored as part of our sessions put us on the

Felicity Rodgers
Founder, Cargo Crew
Telstra Small Business Award Winner 2015​
Recognising change needed to be brought throughout the business and not just to management, we employed the assistance of Meta Management. Meta facilitated group sessions with our people who developed and found a way to consistently articulate our values. Now some 9 months later, we are already seeing a marked difference in the way our

Graeme Hiscock
Managing Director, Hiscock Insurance Brokers

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(Re)Make your future: when culture meets capabilities.

Business in our rapidly changing, hyper-connected digital age is less planning and process and much more purpose and culture.

The skills and attributes that drive success are readily recognised but difficult to capture. They are intangible, and so defy standardisation and measurement – the methods that work so well for physical skills. They are contextual, meaning what works in one environment can be unhelpful in another.

Our expertise is in those skills that bring culture to life and turn purpose into values in action. Here are some of the areas of workforce capability we can help you develop.

Digital Capabilities

Advancing technologies and digitised connectivity have made digital capabilities, from basic computer skills through to digital transformation, essential for every enterprise to stay ahead of the competition.

New Ways of Working

Succeeding in a fast-changing environment takes a workforce organised into adaptive and autonomous teams. Break open their potential with agile, collaborative and human-centred ways of working.

Situational Acumen

Effective organisations are those whose people who are able to evaluate any situation accurately, make sound decisions and act quickly and confidently to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.


The shift of work to higher order skills has made personal competencies, such as resilience, time management, continuous learning and expectations management, critical for personal and organisational success.

Divergent Thinking

 Moving quickly and confidently even as business grows ever more complex, fragmented and unpredictable is achieved with a multi-dimensional approach that includes creative, innovative, critical and design thinking.

Customer Experience

As digital technology moves and reduces service touchpoints across the customer journey, growing loyal customers will depend on teams able to develop solutions to deliver holistic customer experiences.

Upskilling, learning & capability building.

Upskill for a digital transformation
- in just 90 days, for free.

Businesses don’t fail or scale – their systems do. Change the system, and the business will follow.

Whether you are looking to reverse a negative business trend, build a war chest for future growth, or move quickly to take advantage of an opportunity, transform your system for the digital age to transform your results in just 90 days.

Learn the essentials of digital transformation to:

  • Identify untapped value in your organisation
  • Capitalise on the power of purpose for driving revenue
  • Utilise technology to organisational advantage
  • Engage your people and avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

Your information will not be used for any purpose other than to provide you with 13 weeks’ of content, each week with an actionable step that will set you up to launch your business-building, competition-busting, disruption-beating transformation.

1. Make your vision and purpose active, not passive.

Vision and purpose are not statements, they represent the shared intention and commitment of the future.

2. Make values and value creation the common cause in all things.

In the end, everything comes down to your values (what you stand for) and value creation (what you offer your customers and other stakeholders).

3. Upskill your workforce for your goals.

Don’t let an under-prepared, underskilled workforce hold you back. Expecting people will have the necessary experience and capabilities for your unique organisation is wishful thinking.

About us

Meta Management was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia to fill what was then an unmet need in values-based management, that is where success is measured in both profits and positive outcomes for customers, suppliers, workers and communities.

Our strengths in organisation behaviour, futuring, entrepreneurship, diverse thinking and intangible asset management combine with an business-minded focus and operational pragmatism to offer holistic solutions for success in the digital age.

Our approach is facilitative, effecting a transfer of skills from us to you in order that you can be architects of and navigate confidently towards your desired futures.

We believe in the power of positive entrepreneurship to create a world where everyone has access to work wherever and however they choose, that enriches lives, and that contributes to more inclusive, more equitable and healthier communities.

The Michelangelo Project is a book from Meta Management founder Isabel Wu about the future of work and how we should respond to the challenges of the digital economy.

Book cover best seller

I recommend this book to you if you are concerned that change is a recent phenomenon negatively affecting your work life; it is not. One thing is constant, and that is change.

~ Russell Bode, Managing Director, Inzenius

The Michelangelo Project answers many of the questions that keep people up at night when they think about the future of work. The book takes you on a journey from the beginning of change and those who faced it, through more recent periods and its impact on human work life.

Using stories to empathise how change has and will affect us all, The Michelangelo Project offers the reader a better pathway to approaching, responding to and considering their current digital challenges, and how to benefit from them.

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