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When you consider that all opportunities are held in the future, what we do right now determines the value we will be able to realise as each new day, week, month and year comes around.

Futuring is the art and action of creating value in the face of change.

It’s more than an intention, futuring is a leadership skill, a practice, processes, and importantly, a mindset for seeing opportunities from today’s resources optimised for tomorrow’s conditions.

When every business problem today is either triggered by digital technology or solved by it, digital transformations have become critical to making or breaking the future success of organisations of every size and industry.

Don’t let an under-prepared workforce hold you back. The lag in skills development for work in today’s fast-paced environment has made upskilling the organisation’s biggest (and  the most easily avoided) risk to generating future value.


There are two parts to future: the future that happens to you, and the future you make happen.

Both offer opportunities – to the well prepared, that is.

As a smart leader you know not changing is unsustainable – the future is going to come anyway.

But just because the future isn’t predictable, it doesn’t make it uncontrollable. What happens next depends on what you do now.

Let us help you.

1. Futuring: making it possible to “manage” the future

What risks and opportunities lie ahead? Where are they? How can you match your capabilities and people to address them?

Futuring applies multiple intelligences and design processes including visual thinking, spatial intelligence, abductive reasoning, insights analysis and  and scenario planning, creating constructions of environments and events that “capture” the future so you can work on it before it arrives.

2. Future ableness: capacity and capability building

Once you know where you want to go, you need a process to get there.

Future readiness is unlikely without a clear approach for digital transformation which (like all forms of management) takes a shared approach to using skills, knowledge, techniques, systems and methodologies to realising a desired future.

We help you to break down the components of your organisation into the roles people play so you can target your efforts into the building the capabilities that will achieve and maintain your made/remade future.

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Digital transformations, done as a whole-organisation approach will drive a (re)make your future. Our digital transformation playbook will take your through:

Applying the power of futuring to recognise and act on value-creating opportunities

Readying your organisation to unlock the value digital transformation makes possible

Creating an adaptive organisation and how to avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

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The Michelangelo Project is a book about the future of work and how we should respond to the challenges of the digital economy.

Book cover best seller

I recommend this book to you if you are concerned that change is a recent phenomenon negatively affecting your work life; it is not. One thing is constant, and that is change.

~ Russell Bode, Managing Director, Inzenius

The Michelangelo Project, authored by Meta Management founder Isabel Wu, answers many of the questions that keep people up at night when they think about the future of work. The book takes you on a journey from the beginning of change and those who faced it, through more recent periods and its impact on human work life, ending on how each of us could better approach current digital changes we now face.

Using stories to empathise how change has and will affect us all, The Michelangelo Project offers the reader a better pathway to approaching, responding to and considering their current digital challenges, and how to benefit from them.

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