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Is investing in the organisational culture a priority of your leadership?

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Is serving your customer and community with your purpose your constant focus?

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Do you plan to get ahead of the curve as the future of work emerges?

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Is performance in terms of social responsibility and sustainability as important as profits and growth?

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Do you see technology as key to enabling your desired future?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are ready for a digital transformation.

Launch your digital transformation to get your desired future happening…in as few as 90 days.

Smart business leaders understand that digital transformations are the key to competitiveness in a digitised world. However, too many transformation projects begin before the conditions for successful digital change are in place. Without having established a digital culture, digital transformations are likely to falter.

Here is the solution.

1. Make it a transformation

It’s rewiring your organisation to perform in a digital world, not using better technology to run your existing business. Today’s customers want ‘next practice’, not another version of your past practice.

2. Learn from future of work successes

Digital technology has been shaping the business landscape for more than two decades – we have enough data and experience to know what works in this brave new world.

3. Speed matters

As rapid shifts become the norm of business, you need the capacity to respond quickly to implement impactful change. Move too slowly and a transformation program will be whittled down to little more than tweaks in the face of everyday priorities. You also need enough time for value to generate. The trick is to know when to accelerate and when to incubate.

4.  It’s a people-first approach

Industrial transformations were machine-centred as people were deployed to enable machine power. Digital transformations are the reverse: the technology enables people. The real difference? Machine capacity has limits; human inputs can be scaled and reconfigured in limitless ways.

Free digital culture crash course

Learn the steps that will ensure your digital transformation achieves its objectives – in just 90 days.

Find the untapped sources of value that can be unlocked by technology

Engage and upskill a digital-ready workforce

Increase productivity by switching people from process-driven work to value-creation

Create an adaptive organisation and avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

Your information will not be used for any purpose other than to send you one email per week over the next 90 days, each with an actionable step that will set you up to launch your business building, competition busting, disruption beating digital transformation.

We wanted to thank Meta Management for working with us to establish key foundations that assisted us to reach this point of success in our journey. The key learnings, disciplines and advice you provided have been invaluable to us as a business. The thinking we explored as part of our sessions put us on the right path to undertake and achieve this awards recognition.

Felicity Rodgers
Founder, Cargo Crew
Telstra Small Business Award Winner 2015

With a growing business comes a growing team and Meta Management have been able to support Elk by helping to guide us through this busy period. They were sensitive to the existing culture of Elk and focused on strengthening the business, team environment and defining our future direction.

Marnie Goding
Co-founder & Creative Director, Elk Accessories
Telstra Medium Business Winner 2017

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing delivery of your workshop. Of all the workshops I have been to, this was the most interesting and engaging. Thank you for your advice and time I appreciate it.

Next Steps Work & Learning Centre

Recognising change needed to be brought throughout the business and not just to management, we employed the assistance of Meta Management. Meta facilitated group sessions with our people who developed and found a way to consistently articulate our values. Now some 9 months later, we are already seeing a marked difference in the way our people go about their day to day business with a clearer focus on the company’s goals and how they contribute and are such a part of them. Our service standards and business opportunities have increased as a direct result.

Graeme Hiscock
Managing Director, Hiscock Insurance Brokers

What we do

We work with values-led organisations, their leaders and their people to deliver on the promises they make, whether in their branding, agreements or social contracts, to their communities, customers and other stakeholders.

How we work

We believe that in a digitised world, producing outcomes depends on digital capabilities. We use coaching, real-world, context-driven workshops and micro-learning content to facilitate the marrying of purpose with the power of technology. In a rapidly changing world that increasingly revolves around algorithms and data applied at scale, we take a personal approach, working on the ground to amplify the effectiveness of leaders and teams.

Who we are

Meta Management was established in 2003 to help clients to make the ‘people stuff’ work. Our expertise is in getting organisational infrastructures (including culture, relationships and systems) capable of turning intangible assets (like experience, reputation and know-how) into sustainable value.

Our vision is to enable the power of technology to be the conduit through which anyone who wants it will have access to good work through which they can earn a decent living, make a meaningful contribution and be afforded equality and respect. This means supporting the organisations that are committed to having a net-positive impact on the world.


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