At Meta Management, we are defined by one belief, one fact and one BHAG.

The belief: secure, sustainable and meaningful work is a basic human right.
The fact: organisations high on digital capability and social inclusiveness are more innovative, adaptive, trustworthy and resilient, outperforming and enjoying higher profits than those that are not.
The BHAG (big hairy audacious goal): to utilise the power of digital technology to build a society that works for everyone, one job at a time.


Great employers

For the talent community

Is it your career aspiration to work for purpose-driven, values-led enterprises? Do you envisage a job where you are part of a collective effort to make a difference? Is regular, useful and direct feedback important to you? Do you value support to grow, learn and be stretched?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you value enterprise social inclusion. Find aligned employers for your prospective future roles.


For job seekers

Many people dread the job search process as one fraught with uncertainty and stress. This is especially true for people who experience barriers to employment, such as young people and those after a long career break.

The skills, network and confidence you will build in this program are not just those for getting in the door with employers that fit your ambitions and values, they will stand you in good stead for your continued career advancement.

An immersive course

For career builders

As digital technology continues to change the way businesses operate, career skills are becoming more important than job skills. That’s because jobs will constantly change, and organisations need people who can adapt and focus on the areas that are not easily automated.

Continuous learning, adaptability and resilience are essential for organisations to keep up with digital change and for people to future-proof their careers.

Organisational solutions

For business owners

Whether your organisation is implementing new software or undertaking a full-enterprise digital transformation, one thing is certain: digital change has its challenges.

The chances of success, rate of resource utilisation and return on investment can be improved if the change starts at the level of culture, then skills and practices, before progressing to processes.


For change leaders

Organisational change management has always been complex enough, but the growth of diverse teams working in agile and dynamic ways, has increased the difficulty of leading change manifold.

Purposeful, inclusive leadership have become the key skills for those whose role includes guiding and coaching others through positive change.

A talent pipeline

For recruiters

Wouldn’t you be a more effective recruiter if you could spend more time adding value as a talent expert and less time sifting through unusable applications? By partnering with us as your talent pipeline, we help the job seekers we work with acquire and apply the skills you need. You have access to a database of ready, motivated and qualified candidates.



What we are talking about right now: poetry

Why are some physicians including poetry as part of their treatment of patients?

Because they know people need to participate in their own healing. Intimidating medical terminology and clinical diagnoses can actually get in the way of the relationship between doctors and patients.
fMRI scans show poetry has an immediate impact on the brain. It helps communication by bringing people onto the same page’, and makes the real world feel more manageable and meaningful.
Even listening to poetry improves flexible thinking, integrates multiple thoughts and addresses the novel and unpredictable. Bring poetry into your organisation to pull people together during times of change.

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Meta Management is a consultancy that specialises in preparing for and maximising the opportunities in the digital future of business and work. Often over-simplified as telecommuting tech workers, tech start-ups and mass job losses due to automation, the reality of the future of work is the organisational shift. The industrial era approach operated in insular and static ways. Value generation was measured in terms of efficiency and productivity: the most you could make for the least resource use.

With digital technology, the infinite nature of data and connectivity means there are endlessly new ways to generate value. Reaching markets is no longer limited to the capacity of production lines, physical output or present resources. The future of work means an organisation’s ability to muster and manage its intangible assets, creating an infrastructure that harnesses the technical, creative, collaborative, intellectual, social, emotional and intuitive abilities of people.

That’s what we do at Meta Management: develop people and cultures to enable the creation of new enterprise value.


When Geoff talks, everyone listens. When it comes to change management, there aren’t too many with his knack of breaking down large problems into manageable, actionable steps that people at all levels of the organisation can understand and get behind.
As if his three decades of experience in large technology-driven change projects wasn’t enough, Geoff turns words like ‘values’ and ‘purpose’ into tangible actions, ensuring projects don’t just stay on track but deliver their intended value.
Geoff is an accomplished creative writer and published poet, skills which once had little in common with his corporate life. Today, however, imagination and illustrative language are recognised as powerhouse tools for critical and creative thinking, relationship-building and problem-solving. Geoff is an experienced facilitator whose creative writing workshops are an invaluable way to build empathy into organisational leadership. Geoff’s mellifluous tones can be found on LinkedIn.

We wanted to thank Meta Management for working with us to establish key foundations that assisted us to reach this point of success in our journey. The key learnings, disciplines and advice you provided have been invaluable to us as a business. The thinking we explored as part of our sessions put us on the right path to undertake and achieve this awards recognition.

Felicity Rodgers
Founder, Cargo Crew
Telstra Small Business Award Winner 2015

With a growing business comes a growing team and Meta Management have been able to support Elk by helping to guide us through this busy period. They were sensitive to the existing culture of Elk and focused on strengthening the business, team environment and defining our future direction.

Marnie Goding
Co-founder & Creative Director, Elk Accessories
Telstra Medium Business Winner 2017

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing delivery of your workshop. Of all the workshops I have been to, this was the most interesting and engaging. Thank you for your advice and time I appreciate it.

Next Steps Work & Learning Centre

Recognising change needed to be brought throughout the business and not just to management, we employed the assistance of Meta Management. Meta facilitated group sessions with our people who developed and found a way to consistently articulate our values. Now some 9 months later, we are already seeing a marked difference in the way our people go about their day to day business with a clearer focus on the company’s goals and how they contribute and are such a part of them. Our service standards and business opportunities have increased as a direct result.

Graeme Hiscock
Managing Director, Hiscock Insurance Brokers

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