(Re)Make your future

The future we are approaching will no longer resemble the yesterdays on which we once confidently made our long term plans.

Instead, the future is what we will make from the unexpected shifts, now a fixture in our digitised world that moves in increasingly unprecedented ways.

(Re)making your future is the art and process of adaptive transformation.

Transformations are redesigns with the aim of achieving future outcomes through new solutions. Adaptive transformations  are the redesigns that mine  changes for opportunities.

Transformations that are focused on future management use five key approaches to tap into our current socialised, hyper-connected, technology-driven environment to solve existing and emerging user problems, pivot from unprofitable models, stabilise churn and recover from disruption, and to leverage existing assets into new revenue streams.

From the internal culture to innovation to user experience, social-centred business is people working together to meet the needs and wants of people.

Begins with mindset (growth, adaptive, futurist and digital) and follows with decisive action.

When every business problem today is either triggered by digital technology or solved by it, digital transformations can make or break future success.

Turn  vision, purpose and values into powerful tools for building confidence, efficiency and cohesion, and deepening engagement with your stakeholders.

Broad input and multiple perspectives enable agility and adaptability and guard against bias, homogeneity and over-confidence.

Bring your desired future forward and reap value from new opportunities…in as few as 90 days.

If your experience of change is laborious, stressful and disruptive events that are financially and emotionally costly, you have very good reason to take a conservative approach to change. As a smart leader, however, you know not changing is unsustainable.

Our solution is to develop a transformation approach that is iterative, taking place in steady, managed bursts of activity, where planning, learning and implementation happen continuously. The way we do it, change goes from being a process that sucks up your resources before it delivers results, to one that strengthens – leadership, customer relationships, team engagement, business capabilities – as you go.

Let us help you.

1. Develop your transformation roadmap

Discover the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. We work with you to envisage the possibilities and produce scenarios that are explored and tested until you have a roadmap to a new/remade future.

2. Build your future management capacity and capabilities

Once you know where you want to go, you need the skills, tools, mindsets and processes to get there. We provide the training and coaching to equip you to achieve and maintain your made/remade future.

3. Upskill your workforce

Don’t let an under-prepared workforce hold you back. We have programs to get your teams ready for the many formats in which work takes place in today’s fast-paced business environment.

DIY with a free digital transformation crash course

Let us share our transformation approach that you can implement to (re)make your future and realise new value in just 90 days.

Ready your organisation to unlock the untapped value technology makes possible

Engage and upskill a digital-ready workforce

Increase productivity by switching people from process-driven work to value-creation

Create an adaptive organisation and avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

Your information will not be used for any purpose other than to send you one email per week over the next 90 days (13 in total), each with an actionable step that will set you up to launch your business building, competition busting, disruption-beating transformation.

A future management-focused transformation is (like all forms of management) a shared approach to using skills, knowledge, techniques, systems and methodologies to achieve specified outcomes -: in this case realising a desired future.

Do you ever wonder why your career isn’t moving the way you expected? Or do you worry that your skills are losing relevance as technology advances? Are you missing a sense of purpose and meaning in your work?

Book cover best seller

The Michelangelo Project, authored by Meta Management founder Isabel Wu, answers these any many more of the questions that keep people up at night when they think about the future of work. The book traces the evolution of work through its modern beginnings to the digital century to explain how outdated models are leaving people behind. This best seller is described as a “transformative manual” for people who want to escape the oblivion of a dead-end job and transition to a career fit for the digital age. It focuses on the importance of personal empowerment and provides readers with effective methods for doing work that not only provides a paycheck but offers emotional satisfaction and its long-term benefits.

About Us

Meta Management was established in 2003 to help clients to have the impact that makes their efforts worthwhile and to deliver on the promises they make to their communities, customers and other stakeholders.

What We Do

We focus on the culture, capabilities and capacity that organisations need to succeed in the digital era of business. We use real-world, context-driven coaching, workshops and content delivered to enable our clients to marry the potential of their people with the power of technology. 

How We Work

Our approach emphasises the transfer of skills from us to you. Our goal is that you become self-sufficient in your future management capabilities, ensuring your continuous improvement and sustained success.

Our vision is for a world where work enriches lives and contributes to fairer, more equitable and healthier communities. This means supporting organisations that are committed to having a net-positive impact on the world.

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