(Re)Make Your Future

Where would you aim if you knew you were sure to get there?

Good leaders and professional work hard to make the future a better place for their customers, their teams, their organisation and their own fulfilment.

However, unexpected events, advancing technologies, increasing digitisation and a constantly changing business environment can make progress challenging.

Are you doing everything you should to make what is possible a reality?

Our Clients Say

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At the beginning of 2020 my workplace implemented ‘The Ten Seats’ – a combination of one-on-one and group coaching from Isabel Wu from Meta Management to assist with implementation of our organisational strategic plan. This was an opportunity to work towards some key goals and also develop our own skills. I was not prepared for

Marejka Knigge
Special Projects Manager, Encompass Community Services

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing delivery of your workshop. Of all the workshops I have been to, this was the most interesting and engaging. Thank you for your advice and time I appreciate it.

Next Steps Work & Learning Centre​

With a growing business comes a growing team and Meta Management have been able to support Elk by helping to guide us through this busy period. They were sensitive to the existing culture of Elk and focused on strengthening the business, team environment and defining our future direction.

Marnie Goding
Co-founder & Creative Director, Elk Accessories
Telstra Medium Business Winner 2017​

We wanted to thank Meta Management for working with us to establish key foundations that assisted us to reach this point of success in our journey. The key learnings, disciplines and advice you provided have been invaluable to us as a business. The thinking we explored as part of our sessions put us on the

Felicity Rodgers
Founder, Cargo Crew
Telstra Small Business Award Winner 2015​

Recognising change needed to be brought throughout the business and not just to management, we employed the assistance of Meta Management. Meta facilitated group sessions with our people who developed and found a way to consistently articulate our values. Now some 9 months later, we are already seeing a marked difference in the way our

Graeme Hiscock
Managing Director, Hiscock Insurance Brokers

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Reacting to shifts. Dealing with uncertainty. Navigating disruption. Holding back on going forward.

The unknown takes control.

Anticipating shifts. Designing for uncertainty. Leveraging disruption. Moving quickly with confidence.

You take control.

How to (Re)Make Your Future

Digital Transformation

When a significant opportunity is waiting to be realised – or business risk needs to be averted – we help you to undertake the entire digital transformation process from diagnostic to implementing technologies to business process review through to building your workforce capabilities.

Agile Transformation

Succeeding in a fast-changing environment takes a workforce cohering around adaptive and collaborative practices. Through workforce design and coaching, we help your transition to New Ways of Working with streamlined people, processes and technology.

Cultural Transformation

The key to customer commitment and loyalty isn’t marketing. It comes from a culture that enables people to bring their whole self to work, to put organisational values into action, and that empowers them to turn touchpoints with customers into lasting human-to-human connections.

Business Transformation

Business transformations combine technology with business processes to open new possibilities. Make bigger goals possible or add new revenue streams with a business model innovation. Uncover the hidden value in your intangible assets to expand your value proposition for new and existing customers.

Customer Experience

Adapt to the ever-changing ways customers use technology to satisfy their demands. Customer experience means meeting your customers at the point of their buying decision making: the emotional, environmental and social factors that now precede their practical decisions on features, convenience and price.

Change Management

Whether you are implementing new technology, undertaking a restructure or launching a new business initiative, our change management specialists work with your people on organisational structure, processes, communication and systems to ensure your project succeeds.

What We Do

Future fitness: helping you to make the right things happen.

Making your desired future a reality is no longer setting goals and hoping your plans will get you there.

Digital technology has shortened the path between plans and outcomes and has shifted the way people buy. It means the window for reaching your customers can appear and close quickly. The difference between realising an opportunity and missing it, comes down to the resources you can mobilise quickly.

That’s why we offer services that can be custom-fit for the needs of our clients, no matter how small or how specific.

Upskilling: unlocking the potential of people

Don’t let an under-prepared workforce hold you back. From digital capabilities to Lean, and Agile to customer experience, people skilled for digitised solutions and in New Ways of Working represents the path between your goals and your ability to achieve them.

Future ableness: harnessing the power of people and technology.

The prevalence and power of technology makes every business problem and goal today a digital one. It means being adept at digital transformations will determine the future success of organisations of every size and in every industry.

Use our digital transformation guide...and start creating new value in just 90 days.

A digital transformation is the goal and process of using technology to create new value from your organisational assets.

We’ll show you how you can implement a digital transformation that:

  • Identifies untapped value in your organisation
  • Utilises technology to organisational advantage
  • Engages your people in an adaptive organisation and avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

    Your information will not be used for any purpose other than to send you one email per week over the next 90 days (13 in total), each with an actionable step that will set you up to launch your business building, competition busting, disruption-beating transformation.

    About Us

    Meta Management was established as an organisational change management company in 2003 to help clients to have the impact that makes their efforts worthwhile and to deliver on the promises they make to their communities, customers and other stakeholders.

    As change management and transformation coaches and consultants, we focus on the factors that drive organisational success in the digital era of business. We use real-world, context-driven programs to enable our clients to marry the potential of their people with the power of technology.

    How We Work

    Our approach emphasises the transfer of skills from us to you. Our goal is that you become self-sufficient in your future management capabilities, ensuring your continuous improvement and sustained success.

    Our vision is for a world where everyone has access to work that enriches lives and contributes to fairer, more equitable and healthier communities.

    The Michelangelo Project is a book from Meta Management founder Isabel Wu about the future of work and how we should respond to the challenges of the digital economy.

    Book cover best seller

    I recommend this book to you if you are concerned that change is a recent phenomenon negatively affecting your work life; it is not. One thing is constant, and that is change.

    ~ Russell Bode, Managing Director, Inzenius

    The Michelangelo Project answers many of the questions that keep people up at night when they think about the future of work. The book takes you on a journey from the beginning of change and those who faced it, through more recent periods and its impact on human work life.

    Using stories to empathise how change has and will affect us all, The Michelangelo Project offers the reader a better pathway to approaching, responding to and considering their current digital challenges, and how to benefit from them.

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