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Your organisation is captured in the conversations that take place every day. The quality and strength of your relationships, dynamics and culture are revealed by what is said, what cannot be said, tone, share of voice, language used and the direction of traffic.

Becoming who you want to be starts with saying what needs to be said. Things change when you can articulate an ideal future state. Commitment is gained when you can explain the problem you need help to solve. Goals are achieved when you can express the process to get from here to there. Trust is built through meaningful dialogue. Respect comes from the consistency between your words and your actions.

What we are talking about right now: poetry

Why are some physicians including poetry as part of their treatment of patients? Because they know people need to participate in their own healing. Intimidating medical terminology and clinical diagnoses can actually get in the way of the relationship between doctors and patients.
fMRI scans show poetry has an immediate impact on the brain. It helps communication by bringing people onto the same page’, and makes the real world feel more manageable and meaningful.
Even listening to poetry improves flexible thinking, integrates multiple thoughts and addresses the novel and unpredictable.
Ask us how we can bring poetry into your organisation.


Talk explore – used to spark creativity, uncover hidden ideas or issues and/or unblock old ways of thinking.
Talk sense – interviews used to diagnose organisational culture from influences, to performance blockers to toxic behaviours.
Talk-out-loud – a qualitative data gathering method for understanding how people complete tasks, feel about work, make decisions and approach issues used to implement process improvements.
Talk it out – brings people together to address problems and issues in the relationship.
Talk to me – understanding your self-talk and use it for self-improvement.
Talk show – improve your confidence and credibility when talking to or presenting to others.

What you can ask us to do

Run workshops
Facilitate meetings
Teach you our skills and processes
Conduct research through interviews and listening in
Coach for personal effectiveness


$150 per conversation*
+$60 per extended conversation**
*A conversation is with a person for a duration of up to 75 minutes
**An extended conversation is counted as an additional person as well as for each subsequent 60 minutes

For example, a 3-person conversation for 2 hours is $450.

Minimum time and numbers may apply to structured conversations, e.g. training workshops.

Meta Management is a consultancy that specialises in inter- and intra-organisational relationship-building. Conversation is the bedrock of all relationships which is why we are dedicated to helping our clients get the right people talking about the right things at the right time. Without healthy and timely discourse there can be no co-operation, no teamwork, no inspiration, no sales, no feedback. Conversations make or break the two most valuable assets of the organisation: customers and culture.

We have been getting people talking since 2003.


Conversation to Isabel is first listening to understand, then getting other people talking. She loves asking the questions that help people focus on the most important topics. With her background in organisation development and organisation behaviour, she focuses on language (verbal and non-verbal) and the things people don’t or can’t say, to reveal and rewire an organisation’s culture. Isabel loves talking about the impact of digital technology and supporting leaders to think more proactively and positively about the way they compete as we move into a new economic era. You can find Isabel opinionating on Twitter.


When Geoff talks, everyone listens. As if his three decades of experience in large technology-driven change projects wasn’t enough, he has a knack of breaking down large problems into manageable, actionable steps that people at all levels of the organisation can understand and get behind. Geoff is an accomplished creative writer and published poet, skills which once had little in common with his corporate life. Today, however, imagination and illustrative language are recognised as powerhouse tools for critical and creative thinking, relationship-building and problem-solving. Geoff’s mellifluous tones can be found on LinkedIn.

We wanted to thank Meta Management for working with us to establish key foundations that assisted us to reach this point of success in our journey. The key learnings, disciplines and advice you provided have been invaluable to us as a business. The thinking we explored as part of our sessions put us on the right path to undertake and achieve this awards recognition.

Felicity Rodgers
Founder, Cargo Crew
Telstra Small Business Award Winner 2015

With a growing business comes a growing team and Meta Management have been able to support Elk by helping to guide us through this busy period. They were sensitive to the existing culture of Elk and focused on strengthening the business, team environment and defining our future direction.

Marnie Goding
Co-founder & Creative Director, Elk Accessories
Telstra Medium Business Winner 2017

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing delivery of your workshop. Of all the workshops I have been to, this was the most interesting and engaging. Thank you for your advice and time I appreciate it.

Next Steps Work & Learning Centre

Recognising change needed to be brought throughout the business and not just to management, we employed the assistance of Meta Management. Meta facilitated group sessions with our people who developed and found a way to consistently articulate our values. Now some 9 months later, we are already seeing a marked difference in the way our people go about their day to day business with a clearer focus on the company’s goals and how they contribute and are such a part of them. Our service standards and business opportunities have increased as a direct result.

Graeme Hiscock
Managing Director, Hiscock Insurance Brokers

The Michelangelo Project is an initiative with a vision of helping workers to succeed in the digital century.

Stay tuned for pre-sale updates.

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