Isabel was honing her understanding and expertise in the digital future of work when the concept still was in the future. Her understanding of technology’s potential has shaped her approach to organisational development, encouraging her clients to develop the organisational infrastructures and skills to build their sustainable futures. Isabel’s deep knowledge of work, organisations and the impact of digital change have been captured in her book, The Michelangelo Project.

Her mission is to raise the sense of urgency for digital literacy as part of basic universal education before we have a whole generation of technology-induced inequality.

When it comes to change management, there aren’t too many with Geoff’s knack of breaking down large problems into manageable, actionable steps that people at all levels of the organisation can understand and get behind. Geoff turns words like ‘values’ and ‘purpose’ into tangible actions, ensuring projects don’t just stay on track but deliver their intended value.

Geoff is an accomplished creative writer and published poet, skills which once had little in common with his corporate life. Today, however, imagination and illustrative language are recognised as powerhouse tools for critical and creative thinking, relationship-building and problem-solving.