Make your digital transformation

Is your business ready to transform?

Like it or not; ready or not, every enterprise is now a player in the digital economy.

This is an economy tied to:

  • Consumer expectations reshaped by the ubiquitous connectivity enabled by smart devices, cheap data and easy access to apps and platforms; and
  • Organisations automating and re-engineering processes, and redefining their business models as the competitive landscape shifts.

All organisational change involves responding to one or both of these conditions. That makes all organisational change today digital change.

Change that pays.

Our premise is that organisations have never had so many opportunities to create new value thanks to the connective power of digital technology. However, too many organisations are adopting traditional top-down change using processes that work in fixed, known environments. The result can be over-budget, under-achieving projects that leave people feeling caught between the successes of the past and the uncertainty of the future.

When that happens, the change effort can stall – not because people are resistant to change, but because the case for change becomes foggy. As the benefits of a major change effort can time to be realised, it can feel more effective to apply processes and systems that have been proven in the past. All the while, the market will keep moving ahead, making the gap between the potential and actual performance even wider.

The organisations adept at harnessing the learning and experience that develop during a transition are those that find change pays.

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Create an adaptive organisation and avoid the usual painful and costly blockers to change

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What is a digital transformation?

In the simplest terms, a digital transformation is a change process that positions an organisation to maximise the opportunities (or react to the conditions) created by digitisation.

A digital transformation is essentially a people-driven change that utilises technology to enable people’s capabilities to achieve objectives. To compare, a digital strategy is a technology-driven change that utilises people to activate the technology’s capabilities.


Digital technology is constantly evolving. As it does, it changes your customers' expectations and perceptions.

What changes are affecting your industry? What pain points can technology alleviate for your teams and your customers?
Talk to us about building your digital capabilities


Breakthrough begins with a culture of innovation and follows with a data-driven approach to improvements.

How can you achieve a breakthrough change that takes your relationship with customers to a new level?
Talk to us about creating a breakthrough culture


With technology able to connect people and things as never before, organisations can open their borders to take advantage of others' resources, and even their customers.

What's stopping you from becoming an open organisation?
Talk to us about the benefits of openness.


Organisations that align their values, goals, practices and processes against tightly-held values are healthy organisations.

That's because their people know what success looks like and don't have to second guess what is expected of them.
Talk to us about health-checking your organisation


In a complex, fast-changing world, design offers organisations a way to identify creative and practical solutions to the most vexing problems.

Procedures are great for operational problems, but human-centred problems need design.
Talk to us about solutions we can help you to design


Smart devices, the cloud and mobile connectivity have shifted the source of value coming primarily from physical capital to social capital.

What's great about social capital is every organisation already has it and as well as the means to grow it.
Talk to us about uncovering your social capital


When leaders are dealing with never-ending changes, shifting customer expectations and the continuous threat of disruption, anything other than an adaptive organisation will soon fall behind.

How can you use organisational strengths to balance uncertainty?
Talk to us about strength-based adaptive leadership


It turns out that inclusive organisations are also digitally capable ones. That's because the practices for one mirror the ideal practices of the other.

The benefits of diversity are well known, but diversity counts for little if the differences aren't used.
Talk to us about using our enterprise inclusion index

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