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When you choose a future (re)make, it’s a decision to steer the course of events to go in your favour.  It means changing the trajectory of your organisation to achieve an outcome that is outside the range of its current approach.

Typically, the reasons for undertaking a future (re)makes comes from one, or a combination, of the following reasons:

  • You have your sights set on significantly higher goals (exponential growth) requiring new ways of doing business.
  • To capitalise on an opportunity or advantage that has presented itself.
  • To manage a threat and doing more than just avoiding or abating a crisis.
  • As a response to social shifts, digital change and supply chain disintermediations that are disrupting industry norms and customer expectations
  • Existing business models are unsustainable, such as due to rising costs, raw materials shortages and legal changes.

Just because the future cannot be predicted, it does not mean it cannot be managed.

Our Future (Re)Make Services

Whether you are looking for support for your change project, are taking a staged transformation approach, or need someone to run a full scale digital transformation, we take a business-minded approach to make the complex process of organisational change practical and productive.

Set the Direction

Whatever future you aim for, it starts with a vision of the future and a purpose around which people can rally.

Next are the values that to form the thread between your today and your desired tomorrow, and that we will use as our “rules of engagement”.

We then explore the ways your value proposition can be applied in practice to open new ways to reach your market.

If it’s time to re-visit your vision, purpose and values (or develop them for the first time), we can help you with this, too.


Diagnose the Situation

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Working towards desired destinations opens up multiple options and even more questions.

We don’t take it on face value that what looks like a good idea today is the right one to go with. Equally, we don’t assume that something that worked for another organisation will work for you just because they happen to be in the same industry or similar in some other way.

We base our projects on a diagnostic so that data, not assumptions, informs our work. The purpose of a diagnostic is to understand efforts will produce the best results.

The diagnostic is performed using a research method known as triangulation that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative research.

It means we can target the areas that will make the most difference and identify the potential stumbling blocks early.

Design for Success

Creating your vision for your future is one thing. Knowing how to get there is quite another.

Whatever you aim for, the only way to achieve results is by solving the right problem.

We use a design thinking approach to explore the problems that your customers want you to solve, whether or not the problem is visible to them. Because when customers are the ultimate measure of success, every problem is a customer problem.

Once you know the problems to focus on, we continue the design approach using the principles of Lean enterprise. It’s an iterative, quality-driven process to ensure we aren’t addressing the right problem with the wrong solution.


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Drive for Results

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If Lean is described as “doing the right work”, then Agile is “doing the work right”.

Agile underpins the shift in organisations that sit under the umbrella of “New Ways of Working“.  It’s not just a process, it’s also a mindset, an intention and a set of practices.

We support the transition in ways of working by showing you options for getting things done. Our goal is for a transfer of skills from us to you, so that the expertise develops where it is most needed.


How to Work with Us

Our aim is to make it easy for small and mid-tier organisations to take advantage of all the digital era offers. It means having the right resources for your transformation or change project, ready-prepped, co-ordinated and available to you throughout the whole project or only when they are needed during the different project stages.

The resources required for a typical digital transformation are:

  • Change Manager
  • Lean Coach
  • Agile Coach
  • Technical Delivery Lead
  • Design Lead
  • Service Design Lead
  • Human-centred Design (HCD) Facilitator

We package up this expertise in a simple, flexible subscription. Every need. One fee.

Use the packages below as a starting point for designing your transformation solution.

Opportunities Package

Suitable for smaller organisations who want to achieve an exponential growth via a business transformation.

A great option for a founder to develop an MVP (minimum viable product) to test the market or an organisation to pilot or seed a new direction or venture.

It includes a diagnostic to identify the opportunity and a program blueprint with an approach for achieving agreed deliverables.

Typical investment: between $2,800 to $6,000 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Upskill Package

Suitable for organisations of any size and type who have been experiencing steady growth and performance and want to incorporate an Agile and/or cultural transformation into their on-going development and improvement.

A diagnostic will identify where the organisation should focus to achieve its objectives. Those areas will be developed in one-on-one coaching sessions, both to build skills and to guide participants through their transformation process.

Typical investment: between $500 to $1,500 per participant per month for a minimum 6 months

Advancers Package

Mainly suited for larger, established organisations that have everything to gain from a digital transformation: like better competitive advantage, better workforce utilisation and stronger customer relationships.

A diagnostic will identify the transformation agenda and suggest the amount of support you need.

You decide how quickly you want to progress and we provide the right resources for every step of your program.

Typical investment: $24,000 per month for 7 consulting/coaching  days per week over a minimum 12 months

Or let us tailor-make a package to suit your project needs.

Minimum periods of engagement are necessary for results to be achieved. Transformations do not happen overnight.

All our programs can be delivered 100% remotely if necessary, but typically involve a hybrid of in-person, platform-enabled collaboration and remote work.

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