About Us

Our story

Have you ever wondered how great organisations got to be that way? xx You know the ones: that workers want to work for; people queue up to visit; that never need to discount; have a loyal following; that stand the test of time and shifting trends, who are never as affected by challenges as their competitors? We did. So in 2003 we established Meta Management to learn how organisations become great and to show others how they too can find their greatness. When we say 'great', we mean fulfilled, and we mean organisations that do what they set out to do and are genuinely serving the people who matter - including themselves - in meaningful ways. Every large organisation was small once, and every large great organisation still has the heart of that once-small organisation beating within it. No matter how big they are in size, they are always bigger at heart. They focus on the people who care about the things they stand for; they align their people so they can deliver on promises they make to their customers. When an organisation is designed so that people can perform, they usually do. That is what we do at Meta Management: we show our clients how to use their strengths and capabilities that enable them to be who they say they are and to be as big as they want to be. When we work with clients we want them to connect - or reconnect - with their organisation's values: who they are, what they stand for, and the purpose they seek to fulfil. We want their growth, learning and results to continue after we are gone.

We only work with clients when there is mutual trust and respect. The future, with all its growth and potential, is full of unknowns and that can be scary. We cannot lead you into the unknown and scary without trust and respect for each other.Position our clients for breakthrough. Innovation needs a 'breakthrough' approach, meaning a drive for definitive change and tangible results. In a competitive market, breakthrough is hard. You need to see the world differently and be able to operate outside of your comfort zone. We'll work with you to make your possibilities a reality in a brave new digital world.Tell the truth. Our responsibility is to your results, which means we will always make recommendations based on your objectives not our sales. We also won't work with your competitors while we work with you, so we don't have to filter anything we tell you.

Invest in the client lifetime value (LTV). We want to be long-term partners to our clients' successes - even if it means coming up with ways to make our services affordable and accessible to suit the your particular situation.We understand that these rules means we are not the right partner for everyone. We invite you to join our list to give us the opportunity to show you what we do, allowing you to decide if we are a good fit for you. You will be able to take advantage of the information we have curated and turned into actionable tactics for our community and give you access to programs that are available exclusively to those on our list.