Upskill for impact

Upskilling is concerned with building the capabilities people need to produce outcomes. When we need every action our people to take to make a difference, upskilling isn’t just about how people perform a task. That’s why we say upskilling is upping your ability to make an impact.

Where job skilling – and reskilling is concerned with equipping people with the knowledge and abilities needed to complete job tasks, upskilling is its results focused counterpart. It focuses on the context in which people work, making them critical to successful organisational transformations. Without upskilling, people are left to rely on knowledge, experiences and mindsets that may be out step with the organisation’s requirements, undermining the ability for the transformation to achieve its objectives.

Five upskills to UPLEVEL your impact in the digital economy.

Empathy as a capability is not the same as empathy, the emotion. We’re referring to conative empathy. It is the ability to move from feeling to response and action.

It’s a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, and that means we don’t know what’s around the corner, don’t have all the answers, and can’t be put off by the challenges.

Digital capability comes from having a digital mindset – understanding the role technology plays – and digital competence – the skills to apply technological solutions

Thinking approaches such as visual, design, divergent and contingent are the foundation for effective innovation, agility, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Another way of saying getting things done, hustling requires high levels of persuasive ability, negotiation, confidence, communication, and a bias for action.

Grow your impact with UPLEVEL

The connective and processing power of digital technology has made impact a uniquely 21st century necessity. People armed with their internet-enabled devices expect interactions to be personalised, solutions to be immediate, brands to stand for something worthwhile and organisations to intuitively understand their every need.

With the stakes for success so high, organisations cannot afford their investment in technology to be undermined by a workforce unable to deliver on these expectations. 

That’s why we developed UPLEVEL, a program that accelerates results by giving learners the exact skills needed from digital – or digitally transforming organisations. It places the learning activities in the real world, giving you the ability to turn your actions and interactions into outcomes.

UPLEVEL combines self-paced learning materials, regularly updated content and a community learning format to provide the multiple inputs conducive to effective learning. It offers a safe, supportive and confidential environment necessary when you need learning to be a real-life, not just classroom, activity.

The real world, action-based approach to learning limits the loss of learning that normally occurs during the classroom-to-workplace transition, making UPLEVEL a cost- and time-effective learning solution.

Learning format

UPLEVEL’s core materials are delivered over six weeks, however, they can be completed at your own pace. This allows you to spend more time where you need it, and return to topics as often as you like.

In each lesson, you will be assigned activities to complete. Each activity is designed to encourage self-learning. Experience develops as you work out how the material applies to your situation, then taking action accordingly. This helps you build a habit of learning practice, which in turn builds your capacity to adapt to any situation, including the fast-paced, ever-changing digital one.

Community-based learning means you will be able to interact, ask questions of and participate in activities with others. This not only helps embed the skills, it keeps the content contemporary, topical and relevant to real situations. When it comes to building capability, sharing knowledge and experience with others is invaluable.

In addition, new content will be continuously added from experts, consultants and coaches, covering a wide range of topics related to building our personal impact.


Personal impact  topics include:

  • Defining your  purpose, values and expertise
  • Leading, influencing and enhancing the value others
  • Maintaining a healthy work lifestyle

Organisational impact topics include:

  • Building social, business and organisational acumen
  • Working effectively:
    • In autonomous collaborative teams
    • Remotely
    • Using adaptive practices and New Ways of Working
    • Aided by multiple technologies
    •  Relying on distributed decision-making rather than a centralised authority
    • When assigned outcomes, relationships and resources rather than tasks

Career impact topics include:

  • Building your professional reputation
  • Finding your organisational fit
  • Following your unique value proposition
  • Network for job and collaboration opportunities

Join UPLEVEL Enjoy unlimited access to online help and our learning community

Start building your impact

With a one-off payment of just AUD$227 (including taxes)

Need a corporate solution? Contact us for rates and customisations.

You should join UPLEVEL if you are:

  • A leader wanting to keep ahead of workforce trends
  • Looking to get a foothold in a new workforce after graduating, migrating from another country, when returning to work or shifting career gears
  • Preparing for, or your work is changing as a result of a digital transformation
  • Wanting to understand developments in work to enhance your career prospects

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to take practical action to future-proofing their career in a digitised world. New ways to apply your new and existing skills will condition you for the future of work so that you can face it with confidence.

Buy UPLEVEL, your impact builder program, with unlimited on-going access for just $227 (including taxes).

UPLEVELplus for personalised coaching

As much as we have put every effort into making UPLEVEL a one-stop that will support you throughout your digital era career, there may come times when you need something more. Maybe you need a sounding board as you work through a sticky workplace dilemma, or want help to prepare for a job interview or performance evaluation.

You can simply purchase a personal coaching session to help with your specific issue or question.

How can UPLEVEL and UPLEVELplus help you?

Career Development Stages

Still have questions? Just ask.

Would you rather speak to a person? Book a complimentary consultation with us to see if our expertise is a good match for you.

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