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Are you working with impact?

Build your digital capabilities to UPLEVEL your skills, confidence and results.

The signs of a changed world are all around us. The way we live, interact and conduct our daily lives reflects our changed attitudes to service, spending, consumption, business, well-being and the environment. Organisations are responding by becoming more agile, user-centric, open and connected as they learn to compete in our digitally influenced environment.

How we succeed has made a commensurate shift. Our once largely transactional and standardised ways are proving less effective. Impressing employers or customers in the new reality – often referred to as the future of work – requires an individualised, technologically-savvy and strategic approach. We call this ‘digital capability’.

With digital capabilities, you will know what makes your abilities unique, desirable and noteworthy, and how to apply them to achieve a better impact.


Find your purpose and do work that creates value for you and others.

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Leverage in-demand skills to control and choose how you work.


Develop your unique value proposition for more influence.

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Learn how to generate results with digital transformations.

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Recognise and know what to do when opportunities present.

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Build your digital footprint and reputation in your field.

UPLEVEL is a program for those who want to be empowered to choose a career that delivers more than a pay cheque.

How UPLEVEL works:

A self-paced program, with one lesson per week delivered to you over the course of six weeks.

In each lesson, you perform tasks to develop the skills and experience relevant to the fast-paced digital world. The emphasis is on doing – knowing and theory cannot substitute for actual experience.

The activities will have you applying new and existing skills in ways that replicate the changing nature of work, conditioning you for the future of work so that you can face it with confidence.

To help embed the lessons, you will also have unlimited access to ask questions in an online forum. We will endeavour to connect you with experts who can help you with your specific questions. When it comes to building capability, the knowledge and experience of others in invaluable.

UPLEVEL is especially designed with new ways of working in mind and will introduce you to practices such as:

  • Agile methodologies
  • Design thinking
  • Customer journeys and service design
  • Human-centred design
  • Collaborative teams
  • Lean Startup

Successfully performing in these dynamic approaches to work cannot be done with the skills that used to get you places in the old hierarchies. And as technology automates more activities and processes, the focus of skills needs also to shift from ‘task’ to outcomes, experiences and relationships.

This is a program for those who want to take practical action to future-proofing their career in a digitised world.

UPLEVEL is ideal for:

  • Leaders to keep ahead of workforce trends
  • Graduates in professional qualifications wanting a head start to work
  • Return to work professionals
  • Those preparing to participate in digital transformations
  • Anyone wanting to understand developments in work to decide their new career direction

UPLEVEL is NOT designed for those:

  • Whose idea of investing in their future is waiting for an employer to do it for them
  • Who want a CV-writing service – we focus on the person, not the spin
  • Unable or unwilling to have an open mind and take action
  • Who only care about their next job and how much it pays

Sign up for UPLEVEL, your 6-week digital capabilities builder program, with unlimited access to our online forum for just $99.

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UPLEVELplus for personalised coaching

As you work your way through the program, you might find yourself looking for more. Maybe you need a sounding board as you work through a sticky workplace dilemma, or want help to prepare for a job interview or performance evaluation. Simply purchase a personal career coaching session to help with your specific career priorities.

How can UPLEVELplus help you?

Career Development Stages

Buy UPLEVEL, your 6-week digital capabilities builder program, plus unlimited access to our online forum for just $99.

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