Upskill for Digital Transformation

Savvy enterprises understand their continued viability depend on an organisation transformed for the digital era.

However, many organisations are putting their digital transformations at risk with a lack of people with the skills to plan, lead, manage, implement and carry the digital transformation through to operational success.

Approaching digital change using legacy skillsets will not only cost the transformation effort, but the enterprise’s ability to realise future opportunities.

Take the UPLEVEL

With the stakes for success so high, organisations cannot afford their investment in technology to be undermined by workers unable to deliver on their business expectations.

That’s why we developed UPLEVEL, a program that accelerates results by giving learners the exact skills needed in digital – or digitally transforming – organisations. It places the learning activities in the real world, giving you the ability to turn your actions and interactions into outcomes.

UPLEVEL: 5 times better than a course

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Self-paced learning that covers the all essentials, so that even the most digital beginner can build their skills without fear or pressure.

Organisations can ensure every member of their teams is on the same footing regardless of the role they will play before, during and after their digital transformation.

Content delivery supported by industry experts, keeping the material relevant and who are available to help you whenever you need it.

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Integrates with your digital transformation activities reducing  resistance and confusion that often comes with change. Support learners with our coaching programs to increase cohesion with the organisation’s agenda and accelerate results.

Designed for practice and knowledge, not theory. Activity-based for real-world learning, giving people the ability to readily turn actions and interactions into outcomes.

Structured as a Community of Practice (CoP), UPLEVEL brings people of all experiences together for shared learning.

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Build a talent community. What’s the best way to develop your workforce? By engaging with people to create a pre-qualified talent pool for your future hiring needs.

  • UPLEVEL, designed for business leaders and professionals, builds the personal, digital, organisational and business capabilities that correlate with success in digital business.
  • Define your  purpose, values and expertise
  • Lead, influence and enhance the value others
  • Become a continuous learner
  • Develop business and organisational acumen
  • Work effectively:
    • In autonomous collaborative teams
    • Remotely
    • Using adaptive practices and New Ways of Working
    • Aided by multiple technologies
    •  Relying on distributed decision-making rather than a centralised authority
    • When assigned outcomes, relationships and resources rather than tasks
  • Build your entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Develop diverse ways of thinking

Business owners and executives looking to advance their business through digital transformation.

Professionals of all disciplines who need to produce results in a digital world.

Managers at all levels leading or supporting digital transformation.

Workers who want to secure their careers in a digitised future of work.

UPLEVEL is not suitable for people who want to maintain industrial ways of working in hierarchical and legacy organisations.

UPLEVEL’s core materials are delivered over six weeks, however, they can be completed at your own pace. This allows you to spend more time where you need it, and return to topics as often as you like.

At each level, you will be assigned activities to complete. Each activity is designed to encourage self-learning. Experience develops as you work out how the material applies to your situation, then taking action accordingly. This helps you build a habit of learning practice, which in turn builds your capacity to adapt to any situation, including the fast-paced, ever-changing digital one.

Community-based learning means you will be able to interact, ask questions of and participate in activities with others. This not only helps embed the skills, it keeps the content contemporary, topical and relevant to real situations. When it comes to building capability, sharing knowledge and experience with others is invaluable.

In addition, new content will be continuously added from experts, consultants and coaches, covering a wide range of topics related to building our personal impact.

As much as we have put every effort into making UPLEVEL a one-stop that will support you throughout your digital era career, there may come times when you need something more. Maybe you need a sounding board as you work through a sticky workplace dilemma, or want help to prepare for a job interview or performance evaluation.

UPLEVEL members can simply purchase a personal coaching session to help with your specific issue or question.

How can UPLEVELplus help you?

Career Development Stages

UPLEVEL costs $527 (including taxes) to join and will give you unlimited on-going access to updates, a community and learning opportunities.

Need a corporate solution? Contact us for rates and customisations.

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