Values in Action is a program that aligns your people positively with your values.

Employees' efforts always reflect their organisation's values because values are not what people are told, but what they experience. If, as evidence confirms is true, employees' experiences of work (i.e. the organisational culture) determine the quality of their performance, the alignment of values, people and practices will quickly make a difference to the enterprise's bottom line.

When people and values fail to align, what brands promise and what they deliver are also unlikely to match. People simply cannot sustain the customers' desired experiences if they are unable to reconcile the discrepancy between the promises values make and their own experiences.

In an environment where it is increasingly more difficult to find competitive gains in the market, organisations can realise growth potential just by enacting their values at a deeper level.

Because putting values into action engages people physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially, even a small, well-executed change can quickly compound and accelerate to have a significant impact.

Values In Action is a 3-month team-wide program consisting of:

  • Initial half-day values review and business needs analysis

  • Values In Action report and plan

  • Two team workshops - designed to meet the organisation's needs

  • Weekly coaching session for the team's leaders and influencers

The program can be extended on a monthly basis to suit your organisation's requirements.

Investment: $3250 per month.

Please contact us for more information or book in a complimentary session to discuss your goals and potential for growth as a values-led organisation.

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